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  • In Employment Law

  • In Commercial Law

  • In Distribution Law

  • In Contract Law

"Kourouma Avocats" has an expertise of 15 years of advice to companies. 



  • Employment and social welfare audits in case of structural operations (mergers and acquisitions)




  • Employee and employers’ judicial representation in: termination, harassment, supplementary hours and competitive clauses cases.


  • Transactional agreements negotiation


  • Social welfare law: negotiation with the social welfare administration in recovery cases (preparation and pleading)


  • Employers’ representation in front of the commercial jurisdictions for judicial recovery or liquidation cases




  • Inside the company: internal training for business leaders and managers with regards to employment law basis (employment contract, evaluation policies, wages, dismissal procedures, planning of working times, how to insert ethics in the company)


  • For individuals: personal training on specific points (conflict management, social dialogue, contractual negotiation, transactional negotiation)

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